Climate Change and Energy Sustainability

Frank Felder (Energy, Economic, and Environmental Policy)

This seminar will introduce first-year students to the major issues surrounding climate change and energy sustainability. It will describe the various ways energy is produced and consumed, the environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems, the intersection of energy and international security, and survey various policy responses at the state, federal and international levels. Interactive discussions and team exercises will be used throughout and combined with two on-campus field trips. The field trips will be to the two Rutgers solar installations and distributed energy facility.  Students will meet with Rutgers facility's personnel who operate these facilities to learn about how these energy sources contribute to meeting the energy needs of Rutgers University as well as providing efficient and cleaner energy solutions.  In addition, students will visit the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences to learn about its efforts to assess off-shore wind resources in support of New Jersey's efforts to develop wind-based generation of electricity.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 93 index 18161