Brunswick, Body and Bikes

Julia Grimes (RWJ-General Internal Medicine)
Sue Shapses (Nutritional Sciences)

While many know that healthy living and physical activity plays an important role in the academic achievement of students; adjusting to life as a first-year college student can be challenging. Unfortunately, poor eating habits and decrease in physical activity is not uncommon. The objective of the seminar is to promote health and wellness by understanding nutrition and body composition to maintain proper body weight, lean body mass, and bone health. We will engage cycling because it is an effective low-impact way to stay fit and healthy by providing benefits such as increasing strength and endurance as well as decreasing fat. Furthermore, bike-friendly communities have higher levels of mental health and well being. In addition to recognizing cycling impact on recreational activities and transportation, cycling safety and skills and planning will be explored.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 02 index 06744