Body Talk: Telling Stories Through Words and Movement

Carlos Decena (Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies) and
Jeffrey Friedman (Dance)

When telling the story of a conversation you had with someone else, do
you wonder about the movements of the face, the hands or the whole
body that you cannot capture in words? How can you incorporate your
grandmother’s nods and her slanted smiles into how you tell histories of
family that have shaped who you are? This seminar challenges students to
integrate their minds and bodies into telling their experience and those of
others. Exploring how our bodies operate as instruments for knowing and
communicating with others, this course brings us together in a collaboration
including training in oral history and ethnographic interviewing; theories of
movement, as well as studio work. Students in this class will carry out a
movement project assisted by their peers and by the professors, learning
about the challenges and possibilities of embodied knowing as a creative
intellectual practice.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 05 index 19157