Between Species: Focus on the Seeing Eye® Dog

Mary Nucci (Human Ecology)

Building upon the instructor’s more than 10 years of raising Seeing Eye® puppies (and the only RU faculty puppy raiser), this seminar will focus on the role of the Seeing Eye® Dog in a technological age. As the first guide dog program in the US, this seminar will examine how this Morristown, NJ organization has brought dogs to the table through outreach and advocacy. We will examine the ways in which the Seeing Eye® (founded in 1929) has adapted to new technologies in its 85 year history and consider how Seeing Eye® dogs, starting in our home state of New Jersey, are not only recognized as citizens with full participation in communities, but allow for blind citizens to be active members of our globalized world.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 09 index 11078