Being @RU and Building Bridges

Sarolta Takacs (History)

Starting college is challenging, starting college in a foreign country even more so. How does one adapt to a different educational environment and a different culture and society? What kind of transitions are there? Is a student's intercultural adaptation linear or more complex as language is mastered and social interactions deepen as they also connect to personal development and academic outcomes? We will look, for example, at studies that have analyzed learning in a "foreign" context and pedagogical strategies teaching international students as well as how a curriculum could benefit from being internationalized. We will also take some time to familiarize ourselves with the history of Rutgers which just celebrated its 250th anniversary (Rutgers, A 250th Anniversary Portrait, ed. Nita Congress) and explore the history of liberal arts education in the United States.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 95 index 21527
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Special section for international students in partnership with the Rutgers GAIA Centers