Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Hype, Hope, or Both?

Casimir Kulikowski (Computer Science)

Today there is endless hype about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to transform the world - from self-driving cars, truly personalized mobile assistants, robots in the home and work environment, or from the supermarket check-out to space travel.  Big Data and Deep Learning are promising revolutionary discoveries in biomedicine, the geophysical, chemical, and life sciences, and all kinds of human-machine technological advances.  But are they really up to the job – or is this yet another AI Spring, to be followed by yet another AI Winter, as the overblown hype slowly fades away? Or, are we reaching a turning point in human evolution, when our thinking and working is merged with machine learning and thinking that we can trust? How is OUR real life likely to be affected and even transformed by these technologies? We will explore these questions and more as we separate current fact from futuristic hope.  Through this seminar we will consider both the achievements of AI and the limitations of these technologies from the philosophical, psychological, cognitive and social perspectives of how they operate in society, fueling our wildest dreams, yet also our most scary nightmares!