Applying Cognitive Science to Problems in the Real and Virtual Worlds

Deborah Aks (Center for Cognitive Science)

How do our minds search for and remember information? What are the cognitive processes that inform our reasoning and decision making? Can cognitive shortcuts that help simplify problems actually cost us in biased and erroneous reasoning? This course will explore these questions and more, providing students with an introduction to the ield of cognitive science. We will examine cognitive science research and look at how research findings have informed our understanding of human cognition, paying particular attention to how this knowledge can be applied to real-world problems. Students will be introduced to essential processes from neurobiology, perception, and attention and how they are used in cognition. Finally, we will consider how our understanding of human cognition can help us overcome cognitive limits and improve problem solving in the real world.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 84 index 11775