Alexander the Great: History and Legend

Thomas Figueira (Classics)

Few have affected history as Alexander, son of Philip of Macedonia, who
led an alliance of homeland Greeks. Unexpectedly, Alexander maintained
his father’s preeminence, launching a campaign against Persia. Exceeding
Philip’s goal of liberating Asian Greeks, Alexander seized the whole Persian
empire. He established a Greco-Macedonian politico-cultural dominance
surviving into his successors’ kingdoms and later non-Greek states. This
Hellenistic civilization influenced extraordinarily subsequent art, literature,
and belief systems. Rich documentation grapples with Alexander’s
generalship, statesmanship, and charisma. Amid debate surrounding
topics as disparate as his tactics and sexuality, a remarkable interplay
between history and myth-history can be discerned. Our seminar will
introduce freshmen to this fascinating leader, while imparting awareness
of the concepts and methodologies used to recreate the career of a major
historical agent of antiquity.

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