Growing Up on The Wire: Exploring Adolescents’ Lives in Urban Settings

Cassandra Simmel (Social Work)

The HBO series The Wire is considered a masterpiece by many TV critics. Part of this praise stems from its stark, realistic, and compelling depiction of characters of adolescents. Using this series as the focal point, this seminar will explore adolescents’ psychological development, and how it is affected by different family, neighborhood, and societal factors. How is identity formation influenced by complex family and social relationships? We will examine the depiction of adolescents in The Wire and compare how they are portrayed in this series and by the general media. Do adolescents get a bad rap? Do we pay enough attention to how and where adolescents grow up? Please note that watching the first season of The Wire is required for the course; in addition, there will be some readings on the topic of adolescent development.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 64 index 16242