Mark West (Psychology)

Do people become addicted to technology? Although some students have direct or indirect experience with substance abuse, all will have experienced the lure of the iPhone, TV, web surfing, texting or playing video games. This seminar will encourage students to describe the behaviors they observe in themselves or others. We will explore the cognitive processes involved in starting, repeating or perseverating in technology related behaviors. The goal will be to discuss whether these behaviors are similar to or different from DSM V criteria for addictive behaviors such as substance use, binge eating disorder, or gambling. We will come to understand the scientific knowledge created by clinical and preclinical researchers on addictions, including the neural underpinnings of behavioral and cognitive processes of the drug user. Ultimately, students will learn to identify warning signs in themselves or others when succumbing to self-defeating behaviors related to technology.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 69 index 09813