A Decade of Politics, Power and HERstories of LGBTQ Communities through Film

Mark Schuster (American Studies; Dean for Graduate Student Life)

Only recently have Americans begun to look at LGBTQ communities as an acceptable way of loving, living and expression.  The portrayal of sexually diverse communities will be interrogated through films over the past decade as a critical lens of the personal and political power over human beings.  Through film, the class will discuss cultural perceptions and what has changed in the American landscape for communities and persons that identify as LGBTQ and their families.   Discussion-driven review of a social movement that has transformed from “hidden” and “closeted” to more authentic and fluid identities, especially bisexual and transgender identities, and “bromances” in cinema eroticism.  Finally, the seminar will reflect on how films’, cultures’, and societys’ views have changed over the past decade.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 82 index 10759