A Decade of Genomic DNA Work: Creating a Better and Healthy Future

Samuel Gunderson (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
Alice Liu (Cell Biology and Neuroscience)

Maintaining human health requires an amazing feat of biological teamwork. A host of players—from individual genes and molecules to environmental and behavioral factors —work together to carry out a wide range of intricate and interconnected biological processes that are integrated and translated to the biological readouts of well-being versus ill-being.   Advancements in DNA sequencing techniques over the past decades have enabled us to learn of our genomic DNA sequence, of our unique set of genome signatures, and to relate such information to our future health and disease liabilities.  Indeed, we now have a number of DTC (direct-to-consumer) gene testing companies that allow you to learn of your heritage as well as disease susceptibility. In between class discussions, students will engage in laboratory bench work to experience and consolidate what they learned.

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01:090:101 section AB index 12008