Aresty-Byrne Seminars


Lab Image/IllustrationThe Byrne Seminar Program and the Aresty Research Center are joining forces to offer the first Aresty-Byrne Seminars. These are one-credit courses, limited to 20 students, that are taught (like all Byrne Seminars) by our world-renowned faculty from departments and professional schools across Rutgers. By taking a Byrne Seminar, students get to experience the excitement of original research as faculty members share their curiosity, their intellectual passion, and how they develop new ideas and fields of knowledge. In these unique Aresty-Byrne Seminars, students will also have the opportunity to learn some fundamental, hands-on research skills. In April, students will apply to the Aresty Research Assistant (RA) Program, where they will further test their theoretical knowledge through hands-on laboratory or field work.

Aresty-Byrne Seminars allow students to explore a major or other disciplines of interest, connect to research faculty, and create friendships and social networks as they begin their Rutgers journey. Seminars typically meet for 10 weeks, and they are graded Pass/No Credit with no formal exit exams.

Faculty, contact us to get involved.

Eligibility and Requirements

All first-year students at Rutgers-New Brunswick are eligible for Aresty-Byrne Seminars. These seminars are designed to be introductory, with no prerequisites. Don’t worry that other students will know more about a particular topic; each seminar is open to students from all majors and backgrounds. Because Aresty-Byrne Seminars are focused on research skills, you should expect to be introduced to research methods, which may include some time in a lab.  There are no final exams and no research papers. Be prepared to do some reading and discuss the material in class. You may also complete short writing assignments or group projects.

If you have questions, please see the Byrne Seminars FAQ.

How to Enroll

Aresty-Byrne seminars are offered during both the fall and spring semesters. Browse the course listing below for upcoming seminars.