Enhancement Resources

In addition to its intellectual mission, the Byrne Seminar Program also aims to connect faculty and students informally. Ideally, these small classes will give birth to some mentoring/advising relationships. To encourage intellectual friendships and long-term professional engagement between teachers and students, both inside and outside the classroom, the Office of Undergraduate Education has set aside funds which may be used for field trips, shared meals, and outside speakers.

Expenses Requiring Special Approval

  • Field Trips are encouraged in order to enhance the seminar content and simply to share an adventure. All field trips for which you want support from our office must be approved beforehand. Appropriate transportation for your trip, NJ Transit tickets or a bus, will be arranged. Professors are responsible for paying admission fees and extraneous costs on the day of the trip. Groups have gone to Google Corporation, Edison National Historic Site, the Jewish Museum, Clinton headquarters in NYC on election night, a Broadway play in NYC, the Cloisters, the Tenement Museum, etc.
  • Outside Speakers can enhance a seminar. Our office will pay up to $250 toward a speaker’s fee. For payment of speakers and honoraria, the name, contact information, and social security number of speaker; date of speaking engagement; course information including the course name, date, time, and location; and expectations of the speaker such as name of speech or topic discussed, question and answer, discussion, book signing, etc.; agreed upon cost of speaker, invoice, and W9 form are needed.

Requests for field trips or speakers should be submitted to James Register. Requests should include anticipated expenses.

If you need assistance determining the expenses for a field trip, arranging transportation and/or reimbursements for a field trip, or speaker honorarium and appropriate paperwork, please contact James Register.

Expenses Requiring a mere “Green Light”

  • Food. Reasonable requests for a pizza delivery to your classroom, a meal at the Rutgers Club, or reimbursements for refreshments for your class will also be supported. You may order pizza directly through Paulie’s Pizza, (732) 227-0900. Speak with Noha, add a driver’s tip when you call, give her your name as the contact person, and tell her you are a professor with the Byrne program. You will not be required to pay at the time of delivery. The Rutgers Club is a nice location for a breakfast, lunch or dinner with your students. The club’s hours and menus can be viewed here; you must be a member to make a reservation.

Requests for food, reimbursements, or assistance with membership or arrangements with the Rutgers Club should be submitted to James Register.