Administrative Details

The Byrne Seminar office is here to help you with any and all administrative details that come up in the course of teaching a Byrne Seminar.


Please refer to this guide when creating your Byrne seminar syllabus. A sample version is also available. Syllabi should be created on Byrne letterhead.

Scheduling Your Seminar

To identify when and where you'd like to offer your seminar, please communicate with James Register. We encourage you to find conference rooms and other meeting rooms through your department. Please note that Byrne seminars are scheduled according to standard course periods.

Byrne Seminars meet 10 times for 80 minutes. In the fall, seminars end by mid-November; in the spring, by mid-April. This allows our first-year students to concentrate on final exams and projects for their other courses.

You may email James or call him at (848) 932-6971.

Books and Photocopies

If you are ordering books for your Byrne Seminar, we can place the book order for you with the Rutgers University Bookstore. Please email us the title, author, and ISBN number of the book you would like to order.

Articles or book chapters can be uploaded to your course Sakai or Canvas site.

For further assistance, contact us.

Class Rosters and Grade Submissions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Faculty and Staff."
  3. Click on "Access course rosters."
  4. Click on "Rosters & Electronic Grading Information System (REGIS)."
  5. Log in with your NetID and password.
  6. Enter the following information:
    Unit: either 01 or, if you teach through SEBS, 11
    Subject: 090
    Course: 101
    Section: your section number [available online through the Schedule of Classes]
  7. Click on “Retrieve Roster.”

There you will find your Class Roster and Grade Form. For e-mail addresses for your students, click on "Excel Spreadsheet."

The computer system will not accept your grade submissions until the end of each semester. To input grades, give each student either PA (Pass) or NC (No Credit). When you have finished entering marks for the whole class, click on "Submit." If you need to change grades after the grading period has concluded, contact the Registrar Ken Iuso.