Faculty Resources

Interested in teaching a Byrne Seminar?

  • Byrne First-Year Seminars are taught by tenured and tenure-track faculty from across the University. Each seminar is unique and is designed to introduce our newest students to your research interests and your work.
  • Faculty members teach these courses in addition to their regular teaching assignments. Faculty who teach in the program receive $2,500 to support their research; these funds may roll over from year to year. Faculty who co-teach a seminar each receive $2,000.
  • Seminars typically meet for ten 80-minute sessions during the term. Some seminars may meet for five double sessions to allow space for lab work or other special activities.
  • Enhancement funds are available to enable extra programming related to the seminars, such as field trips or guest lecturers.
  • Each seminar is worth one-credit and are graded Pass/No Credit. Seminars are capped at 20 students.