Rock and Roll Theology

Have you ever thought about the theology of Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics? Maybe not, but in Azzan Yadin-Israel’s Byrne Seminar, “Bruce Springsteen’s Theology,” first-year students are doing just that. In a recent interview with Rutgers Today, Yadin-Israel talked about how his Byrne Seminar explores the theological influences that underpin the apparently secular themes in the rock icon's lyrics. As a professor of Jewish Studies and Classics and a longtime admirer of Springsteen’s music, Yadin-Israel is able to bring together his passions and a unique scholarly perspective in his Byrne Seminar. In fact, this kind of intellectual creativity is one of the highlights of Byrne Seminars: students are introduced to unique research topics, disciplines, and fields of study from the beginning of their academic career, allowing them to look deeper into a potential major, see the work of a practicing researcher, or simply take a fun, intellectually stimulating detour from their regular first-year courses.

Click here to read the complete Rutgers Today interview with Yadin-Israel.

After the Rutgers Today interview, news of Yadin-Israel's "Boss"-themed Byrne has spread around the web.

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