About Us

Byrne Seminars are small, one-credit courses offered only to first-year students at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Offered through the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, these classes are taught by our world-renowned faculty, who come from departments and professional schools across the university. The Byrne Family First-Year Seminar Program offers students the chance to experience the excitement of original research as faculty members share their curiosity, their intellectual passion, and how they develop new ideas and fields of knowledge. Some seminars take field trips, do hands-on research, or share a meal at the Rutgers Club. Browse our seminars to see the fascinating options available in the Byrne Seminar program.

How do the Byrne Seminars Work?

These seminars are small, one-credit courses, limited to 20 students. Seminars typically meet for 10 weeks, starting in the first week of each semester. The seminars are graded Pass/No Credit, and have no formal exams. Students may register for a one-credit seminar in addition to the 12-15 credit standard course-load; the seminars are not meant to compete with other classes.

When did the Byrne Seminars begin?

The Byrne Seminars launched in fall of 2007, as part of the Transformation of Undergraduate Education (TUE). Since then, the program has grown steadily. We offer nearly 100 seminars each semester to over 2,500 first-year students. Students consistently praise the program as a positive learning experience - one that engages them with new ideas and new knowledge. Over 300 faculty members from across the university have taught in the program; about 50% have taught more than once and most say they would recommend the program to a colleague.