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As you begin your Rutgers journey, Byrne Seminars wants to be part of it and to help you create your own individualized experience.

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Join over 200 Rutgers faculty members by being an exciting part of students’ first-year experience.

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  • July 27, Monday - Summer Orientation Resource Fair
  • July 29, Wednesday - Summer Orientation Resource Fair for Transfer Students
  • July 30, Thursday - Summer Orientation Resource Fair
  • August 3, Monday - Summer Orientation Resource Fair

Celebrating Byrne Faculty

This has been a record-breaking year for the Byrne Seminars with nearly 200 Rutgers professors participating in the program. Our success would not be possible without our faculty, who provide first-year students the opportunity to experience the excitement of original research and cutting... Continued

Performing Music

How does an orchestra start and stop in perfect unison without a single spoken direction? How do members of a jazz quartet seamlessly flow from solo to solo, varying a theme and picking up on each other’s riffs? Do musicians have another language besides notes on the page that seems to... Continued

Got Rhythm?

Rhythm is perhaps the most essential component of music. Many popular songs, for instance, rely on a catchy beat—an underlying rhythm that inspires listeners to snap, clap, or tap along. In Professor Robert Benford's Byrne Seminar, "Rhythm, Drumming, and Body Percussion," students learn... Continued