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  • May 1, Sunday – SAS Academic Planning and Advising Day
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The Arrow of Time: Studies in Entropy, Decay, and Timekeeping

Amitabh Lath, Professor in the department of Physics and Astronomy, wanted his Honors Byrne seminar students to come to grips with the concept of time.  For a final project they constructed devices to measure one hour as accurately as possible. Various ideas were showcased, from an old-... Continued

Byrne Students Experience Presidential Politics at Christie, Clinton HQs

Student's in Ruth Mandel's Byrne Seminar, "You and the 2016 Election: What to Watch, How to Watch and How to Participate" got an inside look at how presidential campaigns work by visiting two national campaign offices on Thursday, October 22. In the morning, the students toured Chris... Continued

Rutgers 250: A Taste of Culinary History

In celebration of Rutgers’ 250th anniversary, this special Byrne seminar explored the food and related culture and customs that Rutgers students have enjoyed during the university’s long history. Students had the opportunity to taste and learn about a variety of foods, including dishes... Continued