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Undergraduate Academic Affairs Faculty Celebration

This has been another great year for the Byrne Seminars with over 200 Rutgers professors participating in the program. Our success would not be possible without our faculty, who provide first-year students the opportunity to experience the excitement of original research and cutting-edge... Continued

Social Networks and Society

Freshmen students enrolled in Social Networks and Society, a Byrne Freshman Seminar taught by communication department professors Matthew Weber and Marya Doerfel, are learning about how forms of communication affect opportunities to achieve goals and to manage relationships.  One aspect... Continued

Between Species: Focus on The Seeing Eye® Dog

The dog is considered man’s best friend, but when that dog performs a service, his role changes from pure companionship into his owner’s lifeline. The Byrne Seminar, Between Species: Focus on The Seeing Eye® Dog, studies the working dogs of the Seeing Eye® and their connection with blind... Continued