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  • April 27, Sunday -- SAS Academic Planning and Advising Day
  • May 3, Saturday -- SAS and RBS Academic Planning and Advising Day
  • May 10, Saturday -- SAS Academic Planning and Advising Day

Mama Mia!

Mama, Ma, Mom, Mommy, Mother: few words can evoke such myriad emotions ranging from affection to contempt. Mothers can drive us crazy, yet we can’t live (literally) without them. In a new Byrne Seminar offered this spring, Laura Curran, Judith McCoyd, and Shari Munch of the Rutgers School... Continued

Rock and Roll Theology

Bruce Springsteen
Have you ever thought about the theology of Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics? Maybe not, but in Azzan Yadin-Israel’s Byrne Seminar, “Bruce Springsteen’s Theology,” first-year students are doing just that. In a recent interview with Rutgers Today, Yadin-Israel talked about how his Byrne Seminar... Continued

Byrne Seminar Explores New Jersey Farms

Man on Tractor - Honey Brook Organic Farmer and Interns planting behind a tractor. - Article Thumbnail
During Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, Byrne Seminars at Rutgers – small, one-credit courses limited to 20 students – is exploring Odysseys Past and Present: Migrations, Pilgrimages, and Quests. One Byrne seminar “Explore New Jersey Farms” took the Byrne “Odyssey” theme seriously as... Continued